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Not everyone is going to sit by the fire gazing at the stars whilst sipping a remarkably smooth splash of neat Campfire Gin, so here are some alternative serves.

Campfire Martini gin cocktail


Nothing beats a chilled gin martini on any type of day and we are definitely in favour of stirring rather than shaking. No James Bond shaken vodka martinis for us. This recipe is for 2 people so share with a friend and make an evening of it!

100ml Campfire London Dry Gin
25ml Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth
Orange peel flower garnishes
(tip – use icing cutters to create the flowers)

Add the Vermouth into a cocktail shaker which is half full of ice.
Stir for 10 secs. Add the Campfire Gin and stir for another 10 secs.
Pour through a strainer into pre-chilled martini glasses.
Garnish with 3 orange peel flowers.