Campfire London Dry Gin 10cl


Under stars, by a campfire, this miniature gin was born. Campfire London Dry Gin pitches camp on the boundary between classic and contemporary styles. Ten botanicals including rooibos, sweet, fresh orange, hazelnut* and piney juniper are distilled with the finest UK wheat spirit. A citrus nose and juniper palate yield to a rich fruity middle and a sweet nutty finish. 42% ABV

*Because this is a distilled gin the nut allergens are not present.

Maximum order quantity 10 x 10cl bottles. For orders over this amount please contact us.


“Campfire London Dry Gin combines the traditional and contemporary with personality, skill, complexity and depth of flavour” Paul Jackson, The Gin Guide

This little bottle of Campfire London Dry gives you the opportunity to discover four regular serves or two large serves, depending how strong you like your gin cocktails. Or why not just try it neat over ice.

The unique recipe for Campfire London Dry Gin evolved over 18 months of experimentation, imagination and sometimes intoxication. We distill Campfire London Dry Gin in small batches at Puddingstone Distillery. Our desire to ensure delivery of the best product possible means we carry out every part of the process, from selecting and preparing botanicals, distilling according to our own unique process, resting (the gin and us) to bottling and labelling. Then and only then we release each of these bottled treasures from our Chilterns based distillery so they may begin their own adventure.

Serve with Fever-Tree Indian, Light or Aromatic Tonic for a refreshing G&T. Alternatively Campfire London Dry Gin makes a deliciously dry martini! Check out our recipe here. Winner of the World’s Best Martini Challenge 2019.

Campfire London Dry Gin contains no added sugar.

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