Campfire Navy Strength Gin 10cl


Whilst the botanicals remain anchored to that of Campfire London Dry Gin, we have tweaked the recipe for Campfire Navy Strength Gin and raised the alcohol content to bring you a bigger, bolder expression. Juniper forward with a proper gin kick! The perfect storm… in a bottle. Winner of Gin of the Year, Navy category at Craft Distillers 2017. 57% ABV

Maximum order quantity 10 x 10cl bottles. For orders over this amount please contact us.

Roasted hazelnut is a botanical ingredient in this gin but because it is a distilled gin the nut allergens are not present.


“One of the best Navy Strength gins we’ve tasted” Gin Foundry

“A classic juniper and citrus driven nose. It is dry and majestic with a great balance between alcoholic sweetness and zesty quality.” Judges comments, IWSC 2020

This little bottle of Campfire Navy Strength Gin gives you the opportunity to discover four regular serves or two large serves, depending how strong you like your gin cocktails.

Why so strong you ask? Navy Strength spirits were introduced to pass the British Royal Navy’s potentially explosive proofing test. Simply put, if gunpowder soaked in gin still burned it indicated that there was sufficient alcohol in the gin. Gin with less than 57% alcohol or 100% proof would prevent the gunpowder from igniting and would be rejected by the Navy as it was not deemed to be strong enough. We distill Campfire Navy Strength Gin in small batches at Puddingstone Distillery. Our desire to ensure delivery of the best product possible means we carry out every part of the process, from selecting and preparing botanicals, distilling according to our own unique process, resting (the gin and us) to bottling and labelling. Then and only then we release each of these bottled treasures from our Chilterns based distillery so they may begin their own adventure.

For a tonic pairing our recommendation would be Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic but for the more adventurous try this amazing concoction of Campfire Navy Strength Gin, port and apple juice – the Red Admiral cocktail. Garnish a G&T with a slice of fresh grapefruit or a sprig of rosemary.

Distilled to a London Dry style Campfire Navy Strength Gin contains no added sugar.

IWSC Silver Medal 2020, 90 points
IWSC Silver Outstanding Medal 2018, score between 86-89.9 points
Difford’s Guide 2018, Exceptional 5 Stars
Craft Distillers Navy Gin of the Year 2017

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