PUD PUD Cask Gin


*Rated 1st place in The Telegraph’s Christmas Gins 2019 top 6! 10/10*

*Rated 3rd place in The Telegraph’s Christmas Gins 2018 top 6!*

For this Puddingstone Pudding Cask Gin we set aside some of our distilled PUD PUD. We rest the gin in our ex-bourbon casks and after just over four weeks the gin is emptied into stainless steel drums. We then add ruby port to the cask allowing its many characteristics to infuse into the wood. Finally the port is poured out and replaced with the gin. The spice and juniper characteristics of PUD PUD are complemented by vanilla, caramel and bourbon notes and the sweet fruitiness of the port. The finished result is a light golden colour with a touch of pink to the hue. 40% ABV

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Enjoy PUD PUD Cask over ice or with just a splash of Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water to open up the flavour. Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic also complements the fruity notes extracted from the puddings during distillation and the port that is infused in the casks. Serve with a side garnish of 70% dark chocolate.

The cherry wood used for our PUD PUD labels is unprocessed, mechanical manufactured 100% pure wood which is PEFC and FSC certified.

The Christmas puddings are made by Victoria Bakery in Barnet, Hertfordshire.

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