PUD PUD Cherry Gin


PUD PUD Cherry Gin starts life as our distilled PUD PUD Gin (winter seasonal Christmas gin) however, in July, towards the end of the cherry season we take delivery of the seconds and not so pretty lapin cherries from Horwood Cherries in Bucks. We add the PUD PUD Gin and fresh cherries to bourbon casks and rest them for a time to let the flavours and colour infuse. This gin is juniper forward with light spices and fruit from distilled Christmas pudding. Fresh orange peel adds a touch of additional citrus and it gains gentle sweetness from the cherries and soft vanilla notes from the oak cask. There is no added sugar. PUD PUD Cherry Gin is a rich, dark cherry red and best served with an Indian tonic water to open up the flavour. 40% ABV

The Christmas puddings in the PUD PUD Gin range are distilled and therefore the gins are gluten free.

Add a gin gift box to make your Christmas gin present extra special.

Returns late autumn 2021



Enjoy with a side garnish of 70% dark chocolate.

The cherry wood used for our PUD PUD labels is unprocessed, mechanical manufactured 100% pure wood which is PEFC and FSC certified.

The Christmas puddings are made by Nevie-Pie Cakes in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.

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PUD PUD Cherry Gin

50cl bottle, 50cl bottle in gift box, 50cl bottle with tote bag, 50cl bottle, gift box & tote bag

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