Not everyone is going to sit by the fire gazing at the stars whilst sipping a remarkably smooth splash of neat Campfire Gin, so here are some alternative serves.

Use the coloured Campfire Cs shown on the images as a guide to which gin we recommend using in the cocktail and if you need some Campfire Gin for your cocktail cabinet hit the buy gin online button on the recipe page and we will have the gin delivered pronto!

Campfire London Dry Gin Bitter About Vesper cocktail recipe


A delicate and light gin cocktail which balances sweet with lemon citrus and savoury notes. One to be sipped in replace of afternoon tea with thin rounds of lemon shortbread. Delicious.

60ml Campfire London Dry Gin
10 dashes Bitter Union Lemon, Hops & Herbs
15ml Lillet Blanc
10ml Sugar syrup
Lemon shortbread

Add ice, gin and all other ingredients to a mixing glass and stir well. Fine strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass and serve with lemon shortbread.