Campfire London Dry Gin cocktail recipes. From how to make the best gin martini in the world with our Campfire Bone Dry Martini recipe to our take (and improvement!) on the James Bond martini – Bitter About Vesper. We also have a couple of warm gin drinks in the Puddingstone Purl and Spiced Apple Gin Warmer.

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Campfire London Dry Gin G&T cocktail recipe


This staple gin cocktail needs no introduction. Its origins lie in a method of making quinine, taken by British officers overseas to prevent malaria, more palatable. Consumed today by many but arguably not for medicinal reasons. Garnishing with either rosemary or orange will amplify Campfire Gin’s rich botanical structure.

50ml Campfire London Dry Gin
100ml Franklin & Sons Indian Tonic Water

Add ice to suit and garnish with rosemary or fresh orange.