Our special edition Box Moor Gin is distilled to a classic London Dry Gin style. Serve as a straight gin & tonic to allow the enhanced juicy plum and herbaceous notes of the rare Hertfordshire juniper to shine. For more complex gin cocktails try these suggestions. From a fun Oreo cookie cocktail to a gin sour, Box Moor Gin is the perfect base to build cocktails around.

Box Moor Gin Cookies And Cream gin cocktail recipe


This gin cocktail is best enjoyed as a rich chocolate pudding. Now if you know Boxmoor, near Hemel Hempstead, and the fact we harvested rare juniper from the area on the The Box Moor Trust estate you’ll more than likely know the Belted Galloway cows. Not only did they influence the Box Moor Gin bottle label but they also influenced this cocktail! Predominantly black or gingery red in colour with a creamy white band round their middle they’re affectionately known as Oreo cows. Once we heard that, or should that be herd, we knew we needed a fun Oreo cookie gin cocktail! So enjoy!

35ml Box Moor Gin
35ml Single cream
35ml Brown Crème de Cacao
35ml White Crème de Cacao
Ice for dilution
Chocolate sauce
Oreo cookies

Crush an Oreo cookie into crumbs on a plate.On another plate squirt the chocolate sauce and roll your cocktail glass,coating the rim. Dip the coated rim in the crushed cookie.Then coat the inside of the glass with a swirl of more chocolate sauce.

In a cocktail shaker add the gin, both crème de cacao, cream and ice.Shake until the outside of the can is frosted and fine strain into your glass.