Barrel finished gin cocktail recipes featuring Campfire Cask Aged Gin. Partner gin with apple juice in Apple Fayre or cream in a gin Alexander. A Campfire Cask Aged Ember Negroni is a distillery favourite as to is our version of a gin and IT called the Fireside Manhattan. For a gin and fruit cocktail try the The Tally Man which uses banana liqueur and absinthe!

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Campfire Cask Aged Gin Forest Finale cocktail recipe


A cocktail that derives from three types of tree – oak, beech and maple. It takes planning and dedication to prepare so do be aware that it’s not something you can concoct on the spare of the moment.

Equal measures of:
Campfire Cask Aged Gin
Beech leaf noyau (made with Campfire London Dry Gin)
Syrup (2 parts water, 1 part maple syrup)

In Spring collect the early beech leaf tips, wash and stuff as many as possible into a bottle of Campfire London Dry. Seal and put away in a dark cupboard for three weeks, shake every few days. Strain into a clean bottle. This is the noyau.

Next make a syrup of water and maple syrup. Measure and combine the three ingredients into another bottle to mix them well.

Then pour into shot glasses and serve with dessert.