Our special edition Box Moor Gin is distilled to a classic London Dry Gin style. Serve as a straight gin & tonic to allow the enhanced juicy plum and herbaceous notes of the rare Hertfordshire juniper to shine. For more complex gin cocktails try these suggestions. From a fun Oreo cookie cocktail to a gin & orange sour, Box Moor Gin is the perfect base to build cocktails around.

Box Moor Gin Orange Sour Cocktail


Sours contain a spirit, citrus, sweetener and often an egg white. In this orange sour we’ve used fresh squeezed orange juice and egg white which once frothed picks up the orangey citrus. This gin & orange sour cocktail is a flavoursome accompaniment to Thai spiced meals.

70ml Box Moor Gin
35ml Fresh squeezed and fine strained orange juice
35ml Honey syrup (17.5ml honey, 17.5ml warm water, mix and allow to cool)
17.5ml Fresh squeezed and fine strained lemon juice
White of one large egg
Ice for dilution

Add all ingredients except the ice to a cocktail shaker. Shake well for 20 seconds. Add the ice and shake for a further 20 seconds. Fine strain into a cocktail glass. The froth should settle at the top.