Not everyone is going to sit by the fire gazing at the stars whilst sipping a remarkably smooth splash of neat Campfire Gin, so here are some alternative serves.

Use the coloured Campfire Cs shown on the images as a guide to which gin we recommend using in the cocktail and if you need some Campfire Gin for your cocktail cabinet hit the buy gin online button on the recipe page and we will have the gin delivered pronto!

Campfire Old Tom Gin Thekkady Cyclist cocktail recipe


The creation of this cocktail was inspired by our cycling trip to Kerala, India, where in a town called Thekkady we watched a chef prepare payasam – a sweet dish made from milk, nuts, raisins, vermicelli, cardamom and cinnamon. We also visited a spice plantation and looked out over a bamboo forest from our hotel room on the edge of the Periyar National Park. During our trip a couple of hours cycling would be rewarded with a lime soda from a street food stall. Campfire Old Tom Gin uses cinnamon and cardamom as two of the eight botanicals. We wanted this recipe to be vegan friendly and free from nuts hence the use of oat milk but you could substitute it with a nut milk.

For the syrup
45gms Light brown muscovado sugar
15 Cardamom pods
90ml Water
Grated zest of 1 lime

Add sugar, water and cardamom pods to a saucepan and heat until just before boiling point when the surface starts to crack. Pour into a sterilised bottle. Once cool add the lime zest. Refrigerate for 24 hours and strain to remove the cardamom and lime zest.

To make (serves 2)
70ml Campfire Old Tom Gin
70ml Cardamom and lime syrup
140ml Oat milk
Ground cinnamon for garnish
Chocolate coated raisins (for the non vegans!)

Add syrup, gin and oat milk to a shaker filled with ice. Stir and strain into glass. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Sip through a bamboo straw and enjoy with chocolate coated raisins.