Campfire Gin Actually Made in Tring


Where is Campfire Gin made?

Campfire Gin is made in Tring by us here at Puddingstone Distillery. The multi-award winning Campfire Gin range is our core range of gins that we produce all year round. We augment this range with seasonal and special collaboration gins.

Why is it called Campfire Gin?

Simply because we’ve enjoyed our best gin and tonics sitting around campfires. Enjoying good company, food, drink and warmth. This might be in the garden at home or more exotic places such as when we’ve been lucky enough to go on safari or other exciting holidays.

Why our distillery has a different name to our gin

There’s a few reasons for this. When we first developed the plans for our distillery we wanted a distillery name that would have a sense of place to our location in Tring, Hertfordshire. We also wanted to add other gins to our range that perhaps do not fit within the Campfire range which is based around heritage styles of gin. Puddingstone is a rare rock formation found primarily in Hertfordshire and a few pockets in America and Australia. It’s very unique to our county just north of London. Pieces of puddingstone were often placed in the walls of stately homes and churches as it was thought to ward off evil spirits. We like to think we keep the good spirits in the distillery!

We made a decision not to call ourselves Tring Distillery as 1. there’s Tring Brewery already in the town and we wanted to avoid any confusion and 2. because we wanted our name to have a greater appeal and reach than simply our locality.

Why we’ve chosen to join the ‘Actually Made in’ campaign

We distill, bottle and label our own gin brands at our distillery. There’s many other distilleries who operate in this manner but there’s also many gin brands out there that are made by other distilleries. This in itself is not a problem. The problem arises when a gin brand is named after a town or location but it not made in that town or location. To the consumer who just reads the front label they take it at face value that the gin is made where the gin is named after. This is why we’ve joined the ‘Actually Made In’ campaign.

What is the ‘Actually Made In’ campaign?

Initiated by Manchester Gin, Tarquin’s Cornish Gin, Masons of Yorkshire and Brighton Gin, it’s a campaign designed to elevate the presence of craft distilleries versus brands that claim authenticity.

It’s to encourage consumers to look beyond the label and understand more about where and how their favourite gins are made.

We’re proud to distill, bottle and label our gins and we invite you to visit our distillery in Tring. Open Fridays and Saturdays 9.30am to 5pm for gin tasting and bottles to take home. See our three gin stills and our bottling and labelling equipment. Smell the botanicals and learn more about our gins.

Use what3words ///sketch.listening.bashed and you’ll arrive at the front door.