Miniature Campfire Gins


Make full use of a miniature Campfire Gin

Try these full-sized cocktails at home

Whilst all four Campfire Gins make delicious G&Ts you can also mix up some really easy cocktails. At 100ml our miniature Campfire Gins are twice the size of standard miniature gins meaning you can make more than one awesome cocktail per bottle!

Below are some of our favourite cocktails. Some are best made fresh but others are great for batch cocktail making should you wish to plan ahead for an occasion – you might need to upgrade to a full-sized bottle if you’re inviting friends round.

Head to our gin cocktail library for the full recipes or to our online shop to buy gin! Alternatively pop to the distillery shop Fridays and Saturdays in Tring and pick up a bottle or two.

Our mini gins are also available in gin gift packs which are great for presents. Choose the combination of three Campfire Gins you’d like in the pack.

Each 10cl miniature Campfire Gin is £11 per bottle. Gift packs with 3 x 10cl bottles are £32 each.

Compare a classic Negroni with fruity apple

Make a three equal parts Negroni with Campfire Cask Aged Gin, sweet vermouth and Campari. For a sweeter cocktail try a fruity Apple Fayre – maple syrup and apple juice. Garnish tip: soak apple slices in lemon juice to slow them turning brown.

Campfire Cask Aged Gin miniatures and cocktails

Go fresh with strawberries, mint and ginger

The best way to make a strawberry gin is to muddle fresh strawberries in Campfire London Dry Gin and serve in a Strawberry & Basil Smash. Or give your cocktail a kick and make a Gin Mule with fiery ginger beer and fresh mint leaves.

Campfire London Dry Gin miniatures and cocktails

Bold and balanced with port and grapefruit

The Red Admiral is our signature Campfire Navy Strength Gin cocktail – gin, rich ruby port, clear apple juice and orange bitters. Or play with a saline solution to temper mouth-puckering grapefruit juice in a Wet Salty Dog. Garnish tip: sprinkle brown sugar on a grapefruit segment and brûlée to caramelise the sugar.

Campfire Navy Strength Gin miniatures and cocktails

Short, sweet and aromatic cocktails to savour

You need some counting skills to make an Old Tom Sawyer cocktail with Campfire Old Tom Gin – 21 dashes of Bitter Union Aromatic bitters and seven dashes Spiced Orange Bitters are required! Garnish with one or more Maraschino cherries. La Casa Sagrada is Ben’s fave, just gin, Palomino Fino Sherry and ginger syrup. Easy.

Campfire Old Tom Gin miniatures and cocktails
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