Best Ready to Drink Martini award win


Sunday Brunch enjoying a round of Campfire Gin Martinis

Campfire London Dry Gin picks up another best gin martini award

On 6 October 2022 we headed off to London’s old Truman Brewery site in Brick Lane where The Craft Distilling Expo was being held to present a seminar on compounded gins and to pick up another very exciting award.

The award was for the Best Ready to Drink Martini. Our gin martini recipe is a simple but effective blend of Campfire London Dry Gin and Dolin Dry Vermouth in a 6:1 ratio with just a bit of ice chilling and dilution.

This is the second award we’ve received for the use of our Campfire London Dry Gin in a martini and we’re super chuffed. So much so we’re are celebrating with one right now.

The World’s Best Martini

This recent Best Ready to Drink Martini win sits alongside our 2019 World’s Best Martini Challenge win for our Campfire London Dry and Dolin Dry Vermouth 10:1 ratio recipe. Both these martinis are equally delicious in my view, why not try both and see what you think? Here’s a clip of what Rylan Clark-Neal thought of our 10:1 gin martini ratio when it featured on Sunday Brunch!

How to make the best gin martini

Campfire Bone Dry Martini 10:1 ratio recipe


75ml Campfire London Dry Gin (room temperature)
7.5ml Dolin Dry Vermouth (fridge temperature)
Orange peel flower garnishes soaked in Carpano Antica Formula sweet red vermouth for 10 hours
Ice for dilution

Combine the gin and vermouth with ice in a cocktail mixing glass or shaker can and stir for around 30 seconds until chilled (do not shake). You are aiming for ice dilution equaling approx 20ml of water. Fine strain into a pre-chilled martini glass and garnish with the orange peel flowers.

TIP use an icing cutter to stamp out the orange peel flowers.

Worlds Best Martini
Campfire London Dry Gin winner World’s Best Martini