Campfire Gin wins 3 silver medals at IWSC 2020

Campfire Gins awarded silver medals at IWSC 2020

Earlier in the year we submitted Campfire London Dry, Campfire Cask Aged and Campfire Navy Strengths Gins into the 2020 International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC). After months of waiting we were thrilled to receive silver medals for all three gins.

The IWSC is a highly prestigious competition attracting hundreds of entries from all over the world. We first entered all three gins back in 2018 and were awarded two silver medals and one silver outstanding. We’re delighted with our silver medals but it seems the points system has changed since we last entered and the points awarded this year only earned us silver medals but back in 2018 the same points would have earned us gold medals. Still with 94 points out of 100 for both Campfire London Dry and Campfire Cask Aged Gins and 90 points for Campfire Navy Strength we can’t be too downhearted – especially given the high calibre of gins that we were up against.

As well as being awarded medals one of the key elements to the IWSC is that judges comments are included in the certificate and logo pack. So here is the feedback, which to us, is just as important as the medals themselves.


Campfire London Dry Gin

“A refined, athletic, smooth, elegantly formed blend of sweet botanicals and clean citrus notes. Linear on the palate, lifted, elegant and fine on the finish. Beautifully balanced.” Judges comments, IWSC 2020


Campfire Cask Aged Gin

“A delicate balance of green herbs, lemon meringue tartness and hints of blossom and spice supporting a classic gin nose. Soft vanilla notes with gentle layers of flavoursome elegance.” Judges comments, IWSC 2020


Campfire Navy Strength Gin

“A classic juniper and citrus driven nose. It is dry and majestic with a great balance between alcoholic sweetness and zesty quality.” Judges comments, IWSC 2020