Puddingstone Distillery exterior, Wilstone, Tring, Hertfordshire, Chiltern Hills

Enjoy a day out at Puddingstone Distillery – a gin experience in the heart of the Chiltern Hills

Puddingstone Distillery recently collaborated with myhotelbreak.com on why their guests should visit the distillery. Discover what they found out below:

Enjoying memorable attractions are an important aspect of a hotel break in England. When looking for a break in the South we highly recommend visiting the popular Puddingstone Distillery that’s home to Campfire Gin.

There’s lots to see and do at this wonderful attraction from the tours to the distillery shop but before we get to that it’s important to get some background to the distillery and how it was created.


A brief history

Puddingstone Distillery founders, Ben and Kate Marston

It was four years ago when they decided to start their journey. After a chance meeting with a local farmer who bought into their passion and drive for a distillery in the area, they realised their dream was becoming close to fruition.

The founders travelled all over the country creating relationships with distillers and industry professionals. After completing a successful crowdfunding campaign and industry exams the distillery launched in November 2016.

Their passion for travel and the outdoors helped the creatives create Campfire Gin and helped shape the ethos of the distillery. They produce gin that’s of exceptional high quality with the community and environment in mind.

Click here to check out the journey of how the distillery was established.


Distillery tours

Puddingstone Distillery tour evening, Wilstone, Tring, Hertfordshire, Chiltern Hills

The evening tour is a must. When checking in on Thursday visitors will learn all about the distillery at Puddingstone as well as having a fun and in-depth discussion on the creation of Campfire Gin and much more.

Two cocktails from the gin menu are included plus neat samples when exploring the Campfire Gin botanicals.

The tour is reasonable at £15pp and runs from 8.00pm to 10.00pm. Pre booking is essential.


The distillery shop

Puddingstone Distillery shop, Wilstone, Tring, Hertfordshire, Chiltern Hills

Another fantastic aspect visitors can enjoy is the distillery shop at Puddingstone. Take time out and see the various gins that are available here. Try before you buy. Immerse and indulge yourself in the aroma of gin here at the distillery shop.

From Campfire London Dry Gin, to Campfire Cask Aged Gin and Campfire Navy Strength, gin lovers are spoilt for the choice on offer. There are even limited edition bottles depending on the time of year.

The distillery shop is open Fridays and Saturdays 9.30am to 5.00pm.

Enjoy a real gin experience in the Chiltern Hills. Puddingstone Distillery is to be discovered. So create memories that last on your next trip with a visit to this wonderful attraction.