Platinum Jubilee Gin Cocktails


On Thursday 2 June we are hosting two special Platinum Jubilee daytime gin distillery tours. If you’re joining us on one of these events you will be able to choose two gin cocktails from our menu which will include these delicious Jubilee cocktails. Or if you’re arranging a Jubilee party they are simple enough to make at home to toast Her Majesty on her incredible 70 year reign.

Regal Reign gin cocktail

Based around the official Platinum Jubilee pudding recipe this gin cocktail uses our Campfire Old Tom Gin. It is a sweeter gin which gains its sweetness from malted barley and a hint of cinnamon, no sugar is added to our gins. Fresh lemon peel is one of the other eight botanicals and this is why we’ve chosen Campfire Old Tom Gin to star in our Jubilee cocktail, the Regal Reign.

Platinum pudding

The Platinum pudding is an impressive trifle consisting of lemon Swiss rolls, St Clement’s jelly, custard, amaretti biscuits, mandarin coulis and white chocolate bark. Fortunately our Platinum Jubilee Regal Reign gin cocktail has fewer ingredients, is easier to make and tastes amazing!


25 or 50ml Campfire Old Tom Gin
15ml White Crème de Cacao Liqueur
15ml Amaretto
200ml Fever-Tree Lemon Tonic
Slice of orange or sprig of lemon balm for garnish

Regal Reign gin cocktail recipe

Fill a highball or tumbler with ice, add Campfire Old Tom Gin, White Crème de Cacao Liqueur and Amaretto. Stir to chill and add some dilution. Top up with Fever-Tree Lemon Tonic and add a slice of orange or sprig of lemon balm.

Platinum Jubilee Regal Reign Gin Cocktail Campfire Old Tom

Zaza cocktail – gin and Dubonnet

The Queen Mother was a huge fan of a Zaza cocktail and it seems Queen Elizabeth II is too. It has just two ingredients – gin and Dubonnet. We favour our Campfire Cask Aged Gin in a 3:1 ratio recipe of gin to Dubonnet.

What is Dubonnet you may ask?

Dubonnet is a fortified wine. A blend of five grape varietals and neutral spirit are infused with herbs and spices including bitter bark, quinine, cinnamon, chamomile and elderflower. It’s then aged for three to four years in oak vats. The natural sugars in the grape juice are retained and this allows Dubonnet to be produced without the need to add sugar.


90ml Campfire Cask Aged Gin
30ml Dubonnet

Zaza gin cocktail recipe

Add the Campfire Cask Aged Gin and Dubonnet to a cocktail mixing glass or shaker beaker which is half filled with ice. Stir for 30 seconds to gently coat the ice with gin and Dubonnet and to also dilute the ice slightly. Fine strain into a pre-chilled coupe or martini glass.

Platinum Jubilee Zaza Gin Cocktail Campfire Cask Aged and Dubonnet