Campfire Old Tom Gin 50cl


A departure from our core botanicals was required to create a gin that emulates the spicier, sweeter profile of Old Tom gins. Distilled and compounded processes deliver a bolder flavour and a hint of colour. Gin of the Year in the Old Tom category at Craft Distillers 2019. Bottled at 45% ABV


Old Tom styles occupy a place on the gin timeline between Dutch Genever and London Dry styles. They typically had higher botanical levels to mask less than pure base alcohol. In some cases, unscrupulous distillers would cut this base alcohol with turpentine, sulphuric acid and all manner of other nasties to make the ‘gin’ go a little further. Angelica root, citrus and spices that were available in 18th/19th century all came into play. Importantly these styles of gin were often sweetened with the introduction of liquorice, or, when more affordable, sugar, all to make the gin a little more palatable (and sweeter).

Our take on this historic style considers what a rural distiller might include in the botanical line up. To this extent we have used malted barley to achieve sweetness and spiced things up with cinnamon and cardamon. These sit alongside juniper, British coriander, chamomile, angelica root, cardamon and fresh lemon peel. This distilled and compounded gin has a hint of colour, a spicier character than our Campfire London Dry.

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