Campfire Gin bottle refills


Save £3 per 70cl bottle

Great news folks! You can now return your empty bottle of Campfire Gin for a delicious gin refill. Just bring in your unwashed 70cl bottle to the distillery shop and we’ll refill it with the same gin… and what’s even better is that you’ll save £3 on the cost. The bottle must have its original label and stopper for us to be able to refill it.

The benefits of refilling your Campfire Gin bottle

  • Save £3 on the retail price of each 70cl Campfire Gin
    • Campfire London Dry Gin 70cl £37 – refill price £34
    • Campfire Old Tom Gin 70cl £39 – refill price £36
    • Campfire Cask Aged Gin 70cl £41 – refill price £38
    • Campfire Navy Strength Gin 70cl £45 – refill price £42
  • Save glass – whilst our bottle is made from 40% recycled glass the more we can re-use the bottles the better. It takes time, uses transportation fuel and manufacturing energy to re-introduce recycled glass back into the system and with less virgin material available the quickest route to recycling our bottles is to bring them back to the distillery for a refill.
  • Our labels are printed on a 30% recycled fibre material which is FSC® certified. The more bottles we can introduce into our refill system the less labels we need saving production, transportation, water, ink and energy.
  • Cork is the bark material of the Quercus suber tree (cork oak). Whilst it is seen as a sustainable product and one of the best materials for bottle closures it does take around approx 10 years for the bark to grow thick enough for harvesting. Our stopper is made from recycled cork with a wood top made from FSC certified wood. By re-using the bottle stoppers we can reduce the amount of cork and wood required.
  • Saving on packaging materials helps reduce your’s and our carbon footprint but also by returning your bottle to us for a gin refill means you’ll be supporting a small, local business whose team live and shop locally too.

Bottle refill terms and conditions

  • The refill scheme is in a trial phase in the Campfire Gin range only. Subject to availability.
  • We can only refill 70cl bottles.
  • Bottles must be unwashed and with original label and stopper. We will refill this bottle. No other bottles will be accepted.
  • Save £3 applies to retail prices displayed in the distillery shop at time of refilling.
  • Not available to trade customers – ask about our separate trade refill scheme.