PUD PUD Cacao Gin cocktails


New gin released with distilled cacao nibs

PUD PUD Cask Aged Gin was originally launched as a summer limited edition gin in 2018. It’s popularity led us to bring it back later that year as part of the PUD PUD Christmas Gin range. We’ve been wanting to experiment with cacao nibs for a while now so we held back some of our PUD PUD Cask Aged Gin from the 2021 batch and have blended it with distilled organic Peruvian cacao nibs to bring you PUD PUD Cacao Gin.

The combination of the cacao nibs and the lightly spiced gin rested in port washed ex bourbon barrels is simply delicious.

How to serve PUD PUD Cacao Gin

As with all our gins PUD PUD Cacao Gin pairs brilliantly with Indian tonic; add a simple orange garnish to let the gin flavour shine through. Alternatively try the two cocktails below. If you’re practising your mixology skills and have a cocktail suggestion, send it through to us. We love to hear what people are creating with our gins.

PUD PUD Cacao Choc Martini cocktail
Choc Martini

Choc Martini


60ml PUD PUD Cacao Gin
15ml Regal Rogue Lively White Vermouth


Stir ingredients over ice for 30 seconds in a mixing glass and strain into a pre chilled martini glass. Orange peel garnish optional.

Big Kid


50ml PUD PUD Cacao Gin
10ml Vanilla syrup
2 sliced strawberries
150ml Fever-Tree Indian Tonic


Neapolitan ice cream in a glass! Stir syrup and gin over ice for 30 second in a mixing glass to mix and chill. Strain into a tumbler. Add more ice, sliced strawberry and top up with tonic.