Puddingstone Distillery online gin tasting experience | Campfire Cocktails | Negroni

Campfire Cocktails online negroni tasting experience

One of the most popular gin cocktails is the negroni. A simple three part cocktail made up of gin, Campari and a rosso vermouth. Our go to rosso vermouth is Carpano Antica Formula, a sweet, red, aromatised wine. An alternative to the traditional negroni is the White negroni which comprises gin, Suze and Lillet Blanc.

Suze is a liqueur made by macerating bitter gentian roots in grape neutral alcohol which is then distilled and blended with herbs and other botanicals.

Lillet Blanc is a blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc wines with fruit liqueurs (sweet and bitter oranges, quinine and brandy).

For our negroni online Campfire Cocktails tasting event guests received three pre-mixed negroni cocktails. The Ember negroni comprises Campfire Cask Aged Gin, Campari and Carpano Antica Formula, our ‘sensible’ negroni is Old Bold negroni comprising a double measure of Campfire Old Tom Gin and single measures of Campari and Carpano Antica Formula. The third negroni cocktail was a surprise to many and was the White negroni – not technically white in colour but yellow and very different tasting to the other two cocktails.

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