Campfire Gin martini night for Chiltern MS Centre

Campfire Gin martini tasting event in conjunction with the Chiltern MS Centre

On Friday 19 February we launched the 2021 programme of online gin tasting events in style and delivered over 300 pouches of pre-mixed martinis to participants all keen to learn more about classic gin martini cocktails, Campfire Gin and our World’s Best Martini Challenge winning recipe.

We were delighted to co-host this event with the Chiltern MS Centre in Wendover, Bucks. The Centre was set up 35 years ago by people with multiple sclerosis and their families to provide long term care and support that is not available anywhere else locally. It is a lifeline, to help each of their patients maintain their sense of purpose, independence and live a full life.

Participants on the Campfire Cocktails gin martini event were able to choose single or double pack serves of three different martini styles. £7 from each martini pack purchased was donated to the charity raising a grand total of £500.

Presented by Ben in our gin distillery with a backdrop of Amelia and Isabella (our gin stills) participants were taken through the history of the martini, the many variations from bone dry and perfect to wet and dirty plus instructions on how to make the perfect perfect martini. Oh and he even covered why Mr Bond really should stir and not shake his martini.

This martini event is one of my favourites as I do love the interaction between participants in the chat and the challenging questions they might throw our way at the end of the presentation – such as where have we enjoyed our best cocktails or would we drink a Porn Star Martini (I shudder at the thought!).

If you’d like to try mixing a martini check out two of our recipes below. Or if you prefer your martinis to be made for you keep an eye out for our next exciting event with the Chiltern MS Centre coming soon in April.

Thank you everyone who took part and for your generous donations to the Chiltern MS Centre.

We love getting feedback from participants especially when they’re as nice as these comments!

Thank you for a fantastic evening.” Robert

Hi, I just wanted to message you and say how much I’ve enjoyed your online gin evenings. I’ve done your martini evening and the one with the magician. Thank you so much. I love your gin and I’ve invited friends to join and they’re converted!” Tatum

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed Friday evening’s cocktails. The martinis were delicious and Ben’s information was fascinating. I think Dick was a little unsure when I told him I’d booked the event but he really did enjoy it.” Dick and Gilly

Campfire Gin martini recipes
Campfire Bone Dry Martini
Fireside Manhattan

You can buy all the Campfire Gins and vermouths required for these gin martini recipes via our online shop or the shop at the distillery in Tring.

Our very good friend Peter, stirring his Campfire Gin Perfect Martini and chilling it with ice.