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PUD PUD and other limited edition gins from Puddingstone Distillery


Our limited edition gins are born of collaboration, the desire to create something unique or seasonal, or merely to indulge ourselves.

Often deviating from our core botanicals and processes, these gins are available for a few fleeting months each year. To ensure you get your hands on them, you’d be wise to sign up to our newsletter for release dates. 

Campfire Special Edition No 1
Domestique limited edition gin

Special edition No 1

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Campfire Special Edition No 1 with Himalayan balsam

Special by name and both special and unique by nature… for nature. This is not just another pink gin. This is pink for a purpose.

Early in 2016 we sat down with Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust with the aim to create a gin using a botanical taken from the sites they manage. Now we’re not the biggest fans of foraging and HMWT are not farmers so we arrived at an unusual option, Himalayan balsam, a species neither farmed or foraged, but destroyed.

Himalayan balsam is a non native invasive plant species bought to the UK by the Victorians. Balsam is now responsible for the erosion of river banks and for crowding rare chalk streams and native plants, preventing growth and pollination. Unmanaged it will change the ecology forever.

Each year the Trust and teams of volunteers uproot and destroy the balsam before it starts to seed. This is where we step in. Himalayan balsam has a pink, orchid-like flower which we remove, air dry and infuse into our base gin. The resulting gin has a complex mix of juniper, citrus, honey, floral and savoury notes. £2.00 from the sale of every bottle goes back to HMWT.

Domestique Gin

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Domestique Gin 2018 Edition

We love bikes. Fact. Ben a bit more so than Kate as quantified by the number of misspent hours riding, usually up and down steep woodland trails. When we were approached by ashmei, a local sports clothing brand, to create a gin to be launched at the famed Rouleur cycling event, we could not refuse.

The project evolved to a stage where it truly is steeped in the spirit of cycling. You’ll have no doubt noticed the bottle. A classic stainless steel bidon that will fit in your water bottle holder. After all, it should have a life after all the gin has been consumed.

And what about the gin? Well, we selected botanicals from host countries of the major cycling tours. Alongside the required juniper, there is British coriander seed, Spanish orange peel, French hops, Belgian angelica root, Italian rosemary, Californian raisins and finally British rosehip from the estate on which ashmei are located.

You might need to find a way of attaching a cocktail shaker and bottle of dry vermouth to your bike as this gin makes a great martini.

Produced in batches of no more than 200 bottles this gin was Highly Commended in the Classic Gin category at the Craft Distilling Expo 2018. Judges included distillers, Gin Guild members and leading gin bloggers.

Pud Pud Gin

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Puddingstone Pudding Gin, PUD PUD

Pronounced PUD as in Christmas pudding and referring to a key ingredient as well as our distillery name, Puddingstone. This is our winter seasonal using the finest Macedonian juniper, Spanish orange peel and Hertfordshire Christmas puddings, produced by the highly acclaimed Victoria Bakery.

Using a combination of vapour and pot distillation techniques we are able to balance the extraction of classic gin profiles and the rich spice characteristics of these amazing Christmas puddings.

Serve with Fever-Tree Indian or Light tonic water. If you like an 'in glass' garnish then just add a very thin sliver of fresh orange peel. Alternatively serve with a side garnish of 70% dark chocolate. Yum!

Also makes a delicious aperitif served as a bone dry martini, substitute our Campfire London Dry with the PUD PUD using this recipe.

Returns to the Puddingstone Distillery gin range November 2019.

Pud Pud Cask Gin

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Puddingstone Pudding Gin Aged, PUD PUD Aged

*Rated 3rd place in The Telegraph's Christmas Gins 2018 top 6!*

There comes a time when the ex-bourbon casks we use for our award winning Campfire Cask Aged Gin get a little ‘tired’, but as we discovered they still have life in them. PUD PUD Cask was first launched as an experiment for World Gin Day 2018. If you don’t have that date in your diary, shame on you… it’s 9 June.

So what is PUD PUD Cask? Well, more than you think, is the answer. First we rest our original PUD PUD gin in our ex-bourbon casks (for a secret number of days). The gin is then decanted into a stainless steel drum so we can refill the bourbon casks with a ruby port and leave it for nearly a month. You’ve guessed it, we then empty out the port and replace it with the gin for another ageing session. The result, a bourbon/port cask aged Hertfordshire Christmas pudding gin.

Wondering what we do with the port? We’ve yet to decide. As it’s also now technically bourbon cask infused we should also make it available for sale. What do you think?

Our preferred serve is neat over ice but for a G&T we favour Fever-Tree Aromatic tonic water. As with PUD PUD we like to savour a small piece of 70% dark chocolate as a side garnish.

Returns to the Puddingstone Distillery gin range November 2019.

Favourite serves

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Generally we prefer our limited edition and seasonal gins to work best as simple serves so you get the full flavour of the spirit. However Pear Pudding is a delicious use of our Puddingstone Pudding Gin.