Spiced Apple Gin Warmer Cocktail

Winter warming gin cocktails

It was great to see so many people out at the Tring Christmas Festival the other evening enjoying the tasty food and drink offerings from local producers. The Campfire Gin menu this year featured not one but two warm gin cocktails for the festive season. For those of you that would like to re-create the cocktails in the comfort of your own home here are the recipes.


Spiced Apple Gin Warmer

25ml Campfire London Dry Gin
215ml Apple juice – we used fresh pressed from P E Mead Farm Shop (our distillery neighbour)
1 stick Cinnamon
1 Star anise
1 Demerara sugar cube or 1 tsp honey to taste (optional)
Dehydrated apple slice – ours were kindly dried by Tring's Moral Fibre Food

Gently infuse the cinnamon, star anise and sugar (or honey) by warming the apple juice in a pan. Once the sugar has dissolved and the apple juice is heated pour a single measure (25ml) of Campfire London Dry Gin into a glass with handle or one of our Campfire enamel tumblers and strain the apple juice into the glass or tumbler. We prefer not to add the spices to the cocktail. Our preferred garnish is a slice of dehydrated apple just popped on the top as per the image above.


Campfire Mocha

25ml Campfire Navy Strength Gin
25ml Crème de Cacao (brown)
50ml Cold brew coffee* – we used Costa Rican medium roast all purpose grind from Smiths Coffee in Apsley
100ml Hot water
Orange Matchmaker chocolate for garnish

Add the Campfire Navy Strength Gin, Crème de Cacao and cold brew coffee to a glass with handle or one of our Campfire enamel tumblers, stir and top with the hot water. Balance an orange Matchmaker chocolate across the top of the glass/tumbler.

*To make the cold brew coffee add 5g ground coffee per serving to a cafetière (French press) then add cold water (adjust volume for the amount of coffee and number of serves) and refrigerate for 24 hours. Filter before use.