PUD PUD best gin cocktails gin line up


Gin cocktails made using our trio of PUD PUD Christmas gins

We love a cocktail at any time of year but at Christmas we like to make indulgent and simple cocktails that can either be batched made in advance or very easily served. That way we have more time to sit, relax and enjoy them! Read on for the ingredients and recipes for a selection of our best Christmas gin cocktails using PUD PUD Gins.

Firstly here’s some tasting notes for each of the PUD PUD Gins.

Puddingstone Pudding Gin or PUD PUD for short is our original PUD PUD Gin – distilled with Hertfordshire-made Christmas puddings, juniper and orange peel. Spice and dried fruit on the nose and juniper on the palate.

PUD PUD Cask Gin is rested in bourbon and ruby port infused casks gaining additional flavours of vanilla and red berry fruits.

PUD PUD Cherry Gin is rested in oak casks packed with fresh lapin cherries. Notes of soft cherry and juniper with a velvety mouthfeel.

PUD PUD best gin cocktails bill and jess

Bill & Jess

It wouldn’t be Christmas without chocolate orange flavours. Every year my grandparent’s would gift each of us a Terry’s Chocolate Orange so this cocktail is named in their honour.


30ml PUD PUD Gin
15ml Triple sec
15ml White crème de cacao liqueur
Orange peel for garnish

Half fill a cocktail mixing glass with ice, add the PUD PUD Gin, triple sec and white crème de cacao and stir well. Strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass. Add a curl of orange peel for garnish.

PUD PUD best gin cocktails pear pudding

Pear Pudding

Cranberry isn’t just a Christmas dinner accompaniment!


25ml PUD PUD Gin
50ml Pear juice
Cranberry bitters
Half a medium sized Egg (white only)
Maraschino cherry for garnish

Add PUD PUD Gin, pear juice, a couple of dashes of cranberry bitters and egg white to a cocktail shaker. Dry shake (no ice) for 30 seconds. Add ice and shake again for 20 seconds to chill and dilute. Strain into a pre-chilled martini or coupe glass and pop in the maraschino cherry.

PUD PUD best gin cocktails don't interrupt

Don’t Interrupt

Serve this PUD PUD Cask Gin cocktail after dinner instead of pudding.


35ml PUD PUD Cask Gin
15ml Brown crème de cacao liqueur
5ml Amaretto
5 dashes Bitter Union Aromatic Bitters
Cocoa powder for garnish

Wet half the rim of a chilled cocktail glass and dip in the cocoa powder. Add ice to a cocktail mixing glass along with the PUD PUD Cask Gin, brown crème de cacao, Amaretto and Bitter Union Aromatic Bitters. Stir well until chilled and there is some ice dilution. Fine strain into a cocktail glass.

PUD PUD best gin cocktails black forest

Black Forest

Who doesn’t love a slice of Black Forest Gateau at Christmas? We sure do and serving it with our Black Forest cocktail takes it to a whole new level of indulgence! This has got to be one of the best Christmas gin cocktails we’ve ever created.


45ml PUD PUD Cherry Gin
30ml Campari
25ml Gravino

Add ice, PUD PUD Cherry Gin, Campari and Gravino to a cocktail mixing glass. Stir well to partially dilute the ice and chill the spirits. Strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass.

PUD PUD best gin cocktails white herts

White Herts

A White Russian cocktail is probably one of the only times I will deviate from gin to vodka! But now that we’ve created the White Herts cocktail I don’t need to. I just need to make sure our bottle of PUD PUD Cherry gin lasts throughout the year (it doesn’t by the way as it’s so delicious). Because we’re based in Hertfordshire we’ve decided to call this cocktail the White Herts rather than a ‘White Russian But With Gin Instead Of Vodka’ cocktail!


45ml PUD PUD Cherry Gin
15ml Kahlua
30ml Double cream

Add ice, PUD PUD Cherry Gin and Kahlua to a Puddingstone Distillery stemless gin glass and stir gently. Pour the cream over the back of a spoon and float it gently on the gin and Kahlua. Or pour in the cream and stir to combine all ingredients. Either way sip and enjoy!

PUD PUD best gin cocktails the law maker

The Law Maker

Advocaat is the Dutch word for lawyer. It’s is also short for advocatenborrel (lawyers’ drink). Borrel being the Dutch word for a small alcoholic beverage consumed slowly during a gathering where work colleagues meet for light conversation and drinks. For me though it’s another beverage that reminds me of my grandparent’s who used to make the odd snowball now and again and let me have a sip!


45ml PUD PUD Cask Gin
45ml Advocaat liqueur
22.5ml Regal Rogue bold red vermouth

Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with the ice and fine strain into a pre-chilled glass.