Gin and Cheese


Best gin and cheese pairings with Campfire Gin

Back in 2018 and 2019, before the dreaded COVID hit but also before we launched Campfire Old Tom Gin, we ran two brilliantly tasty and informative gin and cheese pairing evenings with cheese judge Toby Murray.

With Christmas upon us we’ve had enquiries about pairing gin and cheese and which gin is best. Our belief is there is no best gin but it’s about experimenting and finding the best gin and cheese pairing combination.

Cheese pairings with Campfire London Dry Gin and Indian Tonic

Gin profile

A citrus nose and juniper palette yieldto a rich fruity middle and sweet nuttyend, served with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water.


St JudeSoft cheese with a rich, buttery,savoury flavour and light, fluffy,mousse-like texture.
Norfolk White LadyEwe’s milk white rinded cheese witha creamy subtle and fresh flavour.

Campfire London Dry Gin Dry Martini
Campfire London Dry Gin Bone Dry Martini

Cheese pairings with Campfire London Dry Gin cocktails

Gibson Martini Campfire London Dry Gin, vermouth,cocktail pickled onion garnish, 6:1 gin to vermouth ratio PAIR WITH RollrightCow’s milk cheese rind washed ina brine solution and wrapped in apine wood band.

Campfire Bone Dry MartiniOur World’s Best Martini Challengewinning recipe! Campfire London Dryand Dolin Vermouth PAIR WITH Cornish KernRich, nutty, savoury and smoothwith a depth arising from the12-month maturing.

Cheese pairings with Campfire Cask Aged Gin and Ginger Ale

Gin profile

Rested in American oak ex-bourbon casks this golden gin gains additional vanilla, caramel and soft bourbon notes, served with Fever-Tree Ginger Ale.


Charcoal CheddarCow’s milk cheddar, creamy and full flavoured… and black!
Smoked PoacherCold smoking over untreateddampened oak chips for 24 hourscreates a golden brown colour anddelicate smoked aroma and flavour.

Campfire Cask Aged Gin with cheese
Campfire Cask Aged Gin

Cheese pairings with Campfire Cask Aged Gin cocktails

Campfire Brown Derby Campfire Cask Aged Gin, grapefruit juiceand honey syrup PAIR WITH WaterlooSoft, rich and buttery like ahollandaise sauce, but with a lacticfinish emanating from its centre.

Apple FayreCampfire Cask Aged Gin, lemon juice, maple syrup and cloudy apple juice PAIR WITH Little WallopGoat’s cheese rind washed in Temperley’s cider brandy andwrapped in vine leaves.

Campfire Navy Strength Red Admiral Cocktail
Campfire Navy Strength Gin Red Admiral cocktail

Cheese pairings with Campfire Navy Strength Gin and Tonic

Gin profile

A greater emphasis on the juniperprofile with a higher botanical loadingto offset the 57% strength.


Burwash RoseCow’s milk cheese rind washedin English rose water – make a Campfire Navy Strength G&T with Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic.

Wells AlpineMade from the milk of BrownSwiss cows near Wells-next-the-Sea,this semi-hard cheese has a distinctive nutty flavour – make a Campfire Cask Aged G&T with Franklin & Sons Rosemary & Black Olive Tonic.

Cheese pairings with Campfire Navy Strength Gin cocktails

Red Admiral Campfire Navy Strength Gin, ruby port, orange bitters and clear apple juice PAIR WITH Oxford BlueMade with pasteurised cow’s milk,this soft blue cheese has a wonderfuldepth of flavour, balanced by itsincredible creaminess OR Wobbly Bottoms Blue GoatSweet, nutty and distinctly blue.